System Architecture and Design

System Data Architecture

Software architecture is the process of determining a well-defined solution that complies with all the operational and technical requirements and, on the other hand, improves such common quality attributes as security, accessibility, and performance.

Our technical innovators understand that the major goal of application architecture is to analyze business and technical requirements, understand use cases, and prepare ways to apply them in software. The architectures we build are customized to the client’s needs and reduce business risks related to the development of the technical solution.

Our team has experience in both Microsoft and Open Source development stacks on Microsoft or Unix/Linux operating systems. We build your product based on the technology that works best for your environment and your organization’s goals.

Server Setup

.NET Architecture:

.NET architecture is used to develop form- and web-based applications and web services. It is used to build applications for Windows-based devices, smartphones, and web-based interfaces. It not only provides a great deal of functionality, but also supports industry standards.

Our Microsoft experts customize the technology stack in order to provide innovative solutions tailored to your business needs. Our flexible architectures reduce risks inherent to the development technical solutions. The frameworks we create are designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical scaling in case a future need arises.

.NET Architecture

N-tier architecture:

N-tier architecture is also called multi-tier architecture because the software is engineered to have the processing, data management, and presentation functions physically and logically separated. This means that different functions are hosted on several machines or clusters, without resources being shared. As such, these services are delivered at maximum capacity.

Our SOA-based approach ensures scalability and integration with other service providers and systems. Not only does your software perform at optimum speed, it also benefits from increased manageability.

N-Tier Architecture